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NORTON STONEBLAST is the result of extensive research and field testing to produce the product best suited to reduce costs. Even the name emphasizes this dramatic development. STONEBLAST is a special blend of carefully sized abrasive produced by Norton Company in conjunction with leading monument builders.



  • LONG LIFE-- more durable than AO abrasive
  • FAST-CUTTING-- lowers blasting costs, boosts profits
  • SAFE-- no silica, assures operator safety
  • CAPABILITY--gives good contrast, eliminating extra blasting
  • AVAILABILITY--only one grade, eliminating guesswork; available for immediate shipment




BFA DARK ALUNDUM ALUMINUM OXIDE is a tough, sharp, angular cutting abrasive which produces a rough, uniform matte finish and sharp texture. Aluminum Oxide abrasives produce an etch or "anchor pattern" for better adhesion of coatings and bonding. Removes heavy foreign matter, burrs and scale. A.O. is fast cutting, especially on tough, high tensile materials.


AVAILABLE in 30 and 36 grits


WASHINGTON MILLS ALUMINUM OXIDE is the largest producer of abrasives and electro minerals in the world. Washington Mills offers customers a rich array of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its multi-plant locations. Washington Mills, the world's larges leader in electro-fused materials manufacturing, has the world-wide capability to serve you well.



EXPERIENCE the oldest abrasive grain producer in the United States, Washington Mills has served industry's needs since 1868.

CAPABILITY with three separate fusion plants and four separate crushing and finishing plants, Washington Mills Electro Minerals has unparalleled capabilities and capacity to serve you.

BROAD PRODUCT LINE which produces an exceptionally wide line of Duralum (fused aluminum oxide) and Silicaride (silicon carbide) grains and powders, in addition to a large and diverse group of advanced specialty electro-fused minerals such as spinel, boron carbide, mullite, zirconia mullite, magchrome, chrome alumina and many others.

TECHNICAL ABILITY operates a unique pilot fusion plant. There, our scientists and engineers have the resources to create new or improved products to suit your needs.

QUALITY has well over 100 years experience in meeting the needs of our customers. Our meticulous Quality Control departments at each plant safeguard our long-standing quality reputation.

RELIABILITY has earned a reputation for reliable and steady performance. Our business is providing our customers with the highest quality abrasive grain and speciality electro-fused minerals.






DUPONT STAUROLITE produces their coarse Staurolite sand product from their heavy mineral deposits in Starke, Florida. This naturally occurring rounded mineral sand is chemically scrubbed, washed, and graded to give a product free from dust, dirt and ultra fines. The staurolite sand is than magnetically separated from other heavy minerals to produce a highly uniform grade.


APPLICATIONS-- coarse Staurolite should only be selected when a heavy paint film is to be removed or a deeper profile is needed that cannot be obtained with our recommended Starblast or Starblast Ultra blasting abrasives. Similar to the other DuPont Abrasives, Coarse Staurolite offers the same product advantages, such as:

  • greater blasting visibility due to considerably less dust generation
  • lower labor costs through faster, more efficient cleaning
  • less material costs due to re-usability
  • guaranteed to contain<5% free silica, typical ly <3%
  • rounded to sub angular grains result in less abrasive emvedment
  • electrically non conductive




Abrasive Tip: When adding new abrasive to your sandblast equipment, add smaller quantities more frequently. This will increase the range of grit sizes being broken down, because the finer the grit, the faster the cut.


We also stock Garnet & Sinterball.