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3M Dust Filter Mask have a ribbed design which enables this soft mask to hold its shape and to last longer. In addition, it gives a large breathing area and allows for a less obstructed passage of air. The flanged edge allows for a better fit and more comfort. Entire mask is made of special flexible filter material for protection against non-toxic dusts and sprays.


Rainfair Protective Apron have double coated nylon that gives you outstanding work wear, plus PVC coating for soil resistance inside and outside. The tough nylon body has the tear and tensile strength to absorb abuse on the job, standing up against rips and punctures that can destroy lesser fabrics.



Rubber Gloves are heavy duty with 14" gauntlet. Features four fingers holes and one thumb hole per glove. An absolute must when working with most cleaners.



U.S. Safety Respirator and Half-Mask Respirator are molded from pure silicone material with no extra additives. The Series 100 masks is the most comfortable, quickest to clean up, and the most durable. Extra/replacement parts available.



Sound Blocker are a comfortable and stylish set of adjustable ear protectors which reduce high noise input. Recommended for those who work around heavy machinery.


Prommco Duck Hood is designed to protect the head, face, neck and shoulders of the wearer from the ricochet of abrasive blasting. They do not provide respiratory protection and should be used in well ventilated areas. All seams are reinforced for extra strength and the window is covered with mesh screen. Extra/Replacement parts are available.



Howard Leight Max Ear Plugs are pre-shaped foam for general hearing protection. Brightly orange colored to easily spot ears in low light.


Other items available, if you don't see what you are needing please call we should be able to get it!!