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AKABOND CLEAR PENETRATING EPOXIES  are specifically designed for strengthening porous and cracked stone surfaces. When used in combination with glass fiber this system is the optimum choice for back surface reinforcement of brittle stone slabs. It is also ideal for structural strengthening of natural stone and concrete. Akabond is solvent-free, high penetrating epoxy which can be polished to a beautiful sheen after curing. All Akabond Epoxy products can be colored with our epoxy coloring pasts to match the color of virtually any stone. Available in quart sizes.


Also available from Wood & Stone:

Transparent Flowing & Transparent Knife Grade Epoxy



DP-110 is a gray, fast setting, flexible, two part adhesive with a 1:1 mix ratio for bonding many materials, such as metals, ceramics, and many plastics. 9 minute work life with handling strength in 20 minutes. Unlike many other fast cure two-part epoxies, this adhesive has excellent peel strength and shock impact resistance.


DP-420 is a high performance two-part adhesive for bonding a wide variety of subtrates with outstanding levels of reliability and durability. This product is toughened to provide high peel and shear strength. It has controlled flow, a 20-30 minute work life, and a 2:1 mix ratio.


SETTING BARS are available in various lengths and with rollers (as shown) or without.


SLING BARS and SHACKLES type "A" rollers and shackles are far and away the most popular for use with endless slings. The A-Shape gives sufficient and equal spread to the slings which gives balanced suspension at all angles.

Rollers on both styles will handle slings up to 4 1/2" wide.


Straight bar type shackles are handy where head room is limited.



is made especially for Johnson Granite Supply, Inc. by Pecora.


Available in Light Grey, Dark Grey and Mahogany.



SETTING CUSHIONS and STRIPS are stain-free, non-absorbent, will support tremendous weight and is inexpensive. When used in the cemetery, you only need to trim the setting compound once. The strips and cushions used in the display yard can be used over and over.


Strips available in 1/4" thick x 6", 8" or 10" length.

Cushions are available in 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" thicknesses

SETTING LEAD comes in 25lb. rolls. Many setters still use the lead to avoid joint compression on setting compounds.

NYLON ENDLESS SLINGS are available in 3" or 4" widths and we stock up to 8' in length. We can custom order as well.


HANDTRUCKS are the way to go when the load may reach 2000 lbs of solid granite. You need a truck that has something extra, our monument trucks have four 12" pneumatic tires, a 1/4" thick steel toe plate, and balanced so you never feel the load. Available with or without brakes. Both nave no-mar vinyl facing on the toe.